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Contact me via phone or simply fill out our form and we will respond back to you asap.

Ph: 778-940-8090


20 years graphic design experience
​20 years adobe creative suite experience
13 years website design experience
13 years SEO – Search engine optimization experience
6 years freelance Website Designer
6 years freelance Graphic Designer
6 years Senior Lead UI / UX Designer

Why choose me for your next project?

I have 20 years experience in the design industry. But that is not the only reason why to choose me. When working with me on your next project – you are working and dealing with me and me alone. I am not some huge fancy marketing design firm that will have you on hold on the phone waiting for the boss to finish his meeting. You will not have to worry about talking to ten different people wondering which information you gave to which person in the last phone meeting. When I give you my phone number – it is my personal home phone and you can reach my after hours or whenever you want. I am very personable and this is the reason to choose me above the others.

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